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The ‘Oriental’, a barque of 506 tons, was one of the first five ships sent out to New Zealand by the New Zealand Land Company. In addition to her voyages to Wellington and New Plymouth, she made further passages to Lyttelton, Auckland, Nelson and Dunedin.

  • 1839

    First ship to sail from London, and second to reach Port Nicholson, was the ‘Oriental’, 506 tons, Captain William Wilson, by which 155 people came out, 62 being males and 93 females.


    Sailing from Gravesend on September 15th, 1839, and Deal six days later, she called at the island of Santiago, Cape Verde Group, and that was the last land seen until on January 22nd she entered Port Hardy, that being the day the ‘Aurora’ reached Port Nicholson.


    It was not until the 29th that the ship was off Port Nicholson, and then the wind failed. Captain Wilson was a good deal perplexed by the long line of rocks that runs right out from Sinclair Head, and the next day he sent the mate away in the cutter to investigate. Of course the mate soon discovered the entrance, but there was no wind, the weather was thick, and there was a strong ebb tide, so the anchor was dropped.


    The following morning Colonel Wakefield came out in a ship's boat, bringing with him a pilot. Though there was a head wind, the ‘Oriental’ beat into the harbour, and at 6pm on January 31st, 1840, she dropped anchor off Somes Island, receiving a salute of guns from the ‘Cuba’ and the ‘Aurora’.


  • 1841

    The ‘Oriental’ 506 tons, Captain William Watson, the third of the barques chartered by the company, sailed from Plymouth on June 22nd, 1841, and arrived at New Plymouth on November 7th, after first calling in at Port Nicholson.


  • 1851

    From London, Captain Macey; arrived at Lyttelton during August. After landing passengers and cargo, she was employed trading between Australia and New Zealand. On the 26th November she bought over 80 horses, 150 head cattle, and 1500 sheep for Wellington and Lyttelton.


  • 1855

    From Portsmouth, arrived at Auckland February 26th, with passengers and cargo, 108 days out. She Proceeded on to Lyttelton.


  • 1857

    Sailed from London June 11th; arrived at Nelson October 6th; after landing passengers proceeded to Wellington, arriving on October 13th, and landing 56 passengers. She then sailed for Lyttelton, arriving at that port on November 16th.


  • 1859

    Sailed from London November 1st, 1858; arrived at Port Chalmers on February 10th, and Lyttelton on February 17th. Captain Macey was in command during all the voyages from England after the first passage to Wellington, and Captain Hyde, according to the reports published in Wellington, had charge of the vessel when trading to New South Wales.


    White Wings, Volume 1, 1924, Volume 2, 1928, Henry Brett

    Published by Brett Printing Company, Auckland

Shipping Reports

Port of Auckland Shipping Intelligence: Arrivals

  • February 25: Oriental, barque, 500 tons, J C Macey from London.

    Passengers - Charles V Neville, Charles and Ann Fraser, Charles, Eliza, Helen and Marltilda Barley, William Lawrie, James, Sarah, Emily, Helena, Alfred, Charlotte and Harriet Speedy, Henry and Albert Gray, Granville Sharp, William and Anna Wood, Robert and Henry Seaman, James, Georgina, John, Georgina, Florence and Emma Barry, Sarah Lock, Florence Lock, Matthew Scott, James R Bode, Stanners and Harriett Jones, Ann and Jane Barnard, Benjamin Hawkins, Michael and Gabriel Lewis, Isabel Hunsworth, Francis Phayne, Mary Collender, Charles, Elizabeth, Ann and Elizabeth Hick, Agnes Lyons, Launcelot, Rachel, Mary, Lot, Thomas, Samuel, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Eliza and Martha Giles, Sarah Seymour, Leonard, Hannah and Jemima White, Alexander and Fanny Lecky, Harry Rudd, Edward Austin, John J Seymour, Felix Seymour, Ada Augusta Oriental Giles (born on the voyage).


    The barque Oriental, Captain Macey, arrived in harbour on Monday at 2.20pm after a pleasant passage of 108 days from Portsmouth.


    The Oriental sailed from Gravesend on the 4 November; touched at Portsmouth, on her way down Channel, and took her departure thence on the 9 November. It was reported at Portsmouth that the Northern side of Sebastopol had been taken by the allies. The passage of the Oriental proved to be a remarkably fine one; she experienced moderate weather throughout, there never having been occasion to reef topsails.


    A birth occurred on the 27 November and the “Ocean Child” was named Ada Augusta Oriental Giles. On the 13 December, the Equator was crossed. And on the 4 January the ship passed within sight of the island of Tristan d' Acunha.


    In latitude 26 degrees South, longitude 30 degrees West she spoke to the ship ‘Harriett Humbolt’, from Liverpool, bound to Callao. She passed to the southward of Tasmania and made The Three Kings on the 20 at 6.00am.


    The New Zealander, Wednesday, February 27, 1856


  • Ships in Port

    Oriental, barque, 500 tons, J C Macey, discharging, from London.

    W S Grahame, Agent


    The New Zealander, Wednesday, March 5, 1856


  • For Canterbury

    The Barque ‘Oriental’, Macey, Master, 1000 tons, will sail for the above port in about ten days. For Freight or Passage apply to the undersigned.

    W S Grahame, Agent, Auckland, 10th March, 1856


    The New Zealander, Saturday, March 22, 1856


  • For Canterbury

    The Barque ‘Oriental, Macey, Master, 1000 tons, will sail for the above port positively this day, Saturday. For Freight or Passage apply to the undersigned

    W S Grahame, Agent, Auckland, 29th March, 1856


    The New Zealander, Saturday, March 29, 1856

Port of Auckland Shipping Intelligence: Departures

  • March 29: Oriental, barque 500 tons, C J Macey, for Canterbury.

    Passengers: Mr and Mrs A McDermit, Mr and Mrs W D Wood, Mr & Mrs Giles and 9 children, Mr & Mrs L White & child, Messers Wilson, H F and A C Gray, G Sharp, R and H Seaman, J R Bode, Ann R and Jane Barnard, Mary Callender, Sarah Seymour.


    Exports - Foreign

    Per Oriental, for Canterbury:- part of original cargo shipped at London, shipped at Auckland, 2 barrels blasting powder, 1 case.


    The barque Oriental, Captain Macey, dropped down to the North Head in the course of Saturday afternoon, and took her departure for Canterbury on Monday, at 7.00am.


    The New Zealander, Wednesday, April 2, 1856

Local Intelligence

We hear that the ‘Oriental’ was ready for sea, having her mails on board when the ‘Zingari’ arrived at Auckland, but that she had not left when the ‘Zingari’ steamed for the southern provinces. The ‘Oriental’ has a English mail on board, in addition to the one brought out by her.


The Lyttelton Times, 2 April, 1856

Shipping News

Arrived April 12, barque Oriental, 500 tons, C J Macey, from London via Auckland. Passengers, Mr and Mrs A McDermitt, Mr and Mrs D Wood, Messers Wilson, H I and A C Gray, G Thorp, Rev. Chas and Mrs Fraser, W L White, wife, and child; R and H Seamen, Jane and Ann M Barnard, Sarah Seymour, Mary Collander, Emma Laurie, L Giles, wife, and 9 children; and J R Bode.



In the Oriental, Cookson & Co, agents, 12qr casks gin, C W Bishop; 115 cases wine, M J Burke; 3 cases, 32 packages, R Latter; 10 half hhds, and 46 packages, Cookson and Co; 3 packages, I Luck; 75 cases gin,and 4 packages, A Pigeon; 14 packages, C G Tripp; 79 do, 3 cases, and 2 casks, A E White and Co; 11 packages, A Lefilliatre; 9 do, J Fry; 5 do, Rowley; 3 do, Waitt and Co; 1 box, Mrs Bridge; 1 do, E Dobson; 1 chest, Phillips; 2 wheels, Mrs Deans; 1 case, Cuff; 1 do, W Baines; 1 package, J E FitzGerald; 2 do, Kennaway; 1 do, E Lee; 10 do, D Wood; 30 casks, Cookson & Co; 1 box, G C Beard; 1 do, J Dixon; 1 case, Bowron; 1 do, Washbourne; 1 do, B Muter; 1 do, C G Hodgson; 1 package, B Scruton; 2 barrels blasting powder, Provincial Government.


Local Intelligence

Presbyterian: Among the passengers by the Oriental, which arrived in our port on Saturday last, was the Reverend Charles Fraser, the recently appointed clergyman of the Free Church of Scotland. We congratulate our Presbyterian readers on the arrival of a minister of their own Church. Mr Fraser we hear will officiate in the Wesleyan Chapel, Christchurch, next Sunday.


The Lyttelton Times, 16 April, 1856

Shipping News

Sailed April 26th, barque Oriental, 500 tons, Macey, for Singapore.


The Lyttelton Times, 30 April, 1856

Shipping Papers - Giles Family in Steerage


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